Affirmations for Anything!

Affirmations for Anything!

Law of Attraction Affirmation


I use affirmations every single day.  I am simply having a conversation with my subconscious.  Teaching it to do what I want it to do.  Connecting it to the way I want to live my life!  So talk to your subconscious along with me!!  I really does work!

I have read that the following is the perfect affirmation:

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”


“I am” is the perfect way to start an affirmation.  I tend to use “I am” in several of my daily affirmations and base them on what I need in my life at the time.Affirmation

If I am feeling down, I use “I am grateful for my wonderful life”.

If I am not feeling well, I use “I am healthy”!

When I am working on manifesting money, I use “I am wealthy”.

When I want to lose weight, I use “I am thin”!

Be careful what you say, “I am tired”, “I am fat”, “I am poor”.  Your words are VERY powerful.  Be very very conscious of your words!

Affirmations for Law of Attraction

  • I am manifesting my destiny daily.
  • I attract the right people who help me towards my goals.
  • My powers of manifestation are growing by leap and bounds.
  • The law of attraction is working for me.
  • I feel good and good is attracted to me.
  • Something wonderful is about to happen to me.
  • I create new opportunities in my life every day by applying the law of attraction.
  • Everything I need is on the way to me.
  • I choose to have a awesome productive day.
  • When I think a thought, energy is put in motion creating my new reality.
  • I appreciate all that I have.

Law of Attraction Money Affirmations

  • I am a magnet for prosperity and abundance.
  • I am attracting money into my life.
  • There is enough money for me to do everything I want.
  • I am living in abundance.
  • Money allows me to do good in the world.
  • I am creating unlimited wealth.
  • I give and receive abundance.
  • I deserve to have wealth.
  • I AM fearless in letting money go out, knowing that my Higher Power is my immediate and ENDLESS supply.

If anything matters then everything matters.

Claim the statements that speak to you as YOUR own by affirming these statements out loud several times during the day. When you close your eyes to go to sleep at night, say the affirmations silently in your head. BELIEVE these statements to be totally true. As soon as you awake in the morning tomorrow, declare ownership of this exact energy, owning the manifestation of these words as well! Because you ARE now coming closer and closer to becoming the energy magnet these exercises promise. Congratulations to prosperous and abundant YOU!